Warning: You A One Email Away From Being SHUTDOWN!

64.2% of Your Emails Are BLOCKED, DELETED, Or FILTERED
Out of Your Hot, Read-to-Buy Prospects Inboxes...
Potentially Costing You Hundreds, if Not
Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars
In Sales Lost!

Who needs to read this page completely?

  • Anyone who has a website
  • Every website developer that creates sites and blogs for clients
  • Consultants, every consulant who helps any client market anything online
  • Internet marketers, or anyone that depends on thier website to as part of their online reputation
  • In short, YOU!
If you read every word on just one page ever, let this be the one...

What you don't know will shock you!

Communication from: Email Delivery Jedi Master - Chris Lang

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You would't go drive around town in a new car with no insurance, right?

You wouldn't depend on a business that anyone could walk right into... take everything you have.... just help themselves and not even say thanks. Would you?

Do you know that right now hackers can..... break the password on your blog? There is a guy in Russia, for $25 he will break any password there is. Then the dark side can just plain have their way with your website :|

Anyone can use one of 20 different content filtering systems to completely block your site and emails to your list :!

These are enterprise level online blocklists, not just a local spam filter, when you get listed in these, the whole world blocks your site for no reason.

Then you go cry.

I bet you think this won't happen to you, don't ya?

I mean you are one of the good guys, you don't need to worry about this stuff, right again?

HELL NO that's not right, my 6 year old domain was blocked in 2008 and I lost everything. Just like that Internet Explorer, Trend Micro and just about every spam filter on Earth blocked me for no reason.

All because some kid with a free browser plugin flagged me as a "Bad Site".....

Really, and it still goes on today.

Can you believe that? I couldn't... So I got to the bottom of this for you and for me.

I found 20 content filtering systems that completely block your site. Things you would never think of like AVG Antivirus.

Anyone that knows about this can just type in your URL, click a button and POOF your site can't be visited in the browser and any emails with your URL in them won't get delivered.

Your competition could buy this info from me, and do god knows what. Believe me, it happens all the time.

But it's not just about these blacklists, it's about the fact that other systems like Internet Explorer's malicious site filter takes input from these 20 content blocklists and then uses that to block your site on every Microsoft machine in the entire world.

So all it takes is one kid, with a free security plug in that does not like you and if you are NOT INSURED he can with a single click set about the process that will destroy every thing you have.

  1. No one will tell you.....
  2. No Corporation will send you an email....
  3. No salesman will call.....

Your site just suddenly goes dead, traffic takes a long walk off a short pier, and well, you can guess the rest.

In 2008 I went from 8 visitors a day to 30,000 a month.

Worked like a dog to build that traffic too.

Then in one month I went from 30,000 visitors a month to less than 3,000, IN 2 Weeks!

All because some kid clicked a button and I wasn't Insured.

If this happens to you, you can call me like hundreds have since I learned what I am going to share with you today..... And I can fix it :]

But just like bashed in cars, bashed in sites are expensive to fix when you don't have insurance......

Just a few weeks ago a shopping cart was blocked for no reason, but because they did not have insurance 1000s of mom and pop sites could not take any payments for weeks.

Get your insurance here now, Mayhem is waiting just around the corner if you don't go to the link below

UPDATE: Trend Micro Security software can block your sites globally by mistake. I just added an entire chapter for 2012. Learn how you can Safe Guard Your Site from the #4 most often sold PC software, Trend Micro blocking results in ZERO email delivery, blocking in Internet Explorer and More.....

Pay attention and get this now or LOSE Big later

  • Any site can be blocked by mistake by Trend Micro, yes any site just like yours
  • Just last week a shopping cart was blocked by mistake..... 1000s of businesses were damaged and ruined
  • A SIX Year Old Domain was blocked by what Trend Micro calls a false positive
  • Get It To The Inbox is all new for 2012, fully updated and chock full of life saving tips, tricks and tools that make you more money
  • Skip this and you could lose BIG!

This is what your buyers will see
if you are the next to be blocked by Trend Micro

After 10 years of building my reputation online, this Trend Micro mistake (they call it a false positive, sorry) killed my business, reputation and traffic in just 2 months, can you imagine how embarrassed I was?

Embarrasing It Must Be
When Your Emails Land
In Your Paying Client's Spam Folder Too...

What you were doing before to get you email delivered probably worked, well those days are over and what you did in the past will probably make it worse today.

We both face a real challenge getting out email into the inbox. This is especially true for larger ISPs like Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo.

Many other factors can drag down the good reputation of your email IP address, increasing the chances of your email going to the spam folder (or being blocked outright).

You have got to learn all you can about email reputation and permission. If you don't, you will find yourself trapped in an email marketing disaster that you can't easily fix!

Many corporate networks run basic spam filters and throttles at the network edge, because if they can reject spam there, it frees up their server load and saves bandwidth, processing and storage.

Always remember that ISPs have to buy Internet backbone access from upstream ISPs and that costs money. At the very core spam filters are about money. Your email is filtered not to reduce spam at the inbox, but to save ISPs and corporations money.

It is only a matter of time, email authentication will become more important and when it is feasible ISPs will stop delivering email if you do not have authentication in place. In fact, it is a known fact and Yahoo has admitted that with out DomainKeys or DKIM in place you WILL face additional filtering.

If you are not already authenticating with a SPF, Domain Keys, Sender ID and DKIM, now is the time. If you start now, you can be in good standing with the major ISPs by the next holiday season.

Whereas Microsoft demands Sender ID, many others advocate a combination of SPF, DomainKeys and DKIM.

You should have the proper authentication records in place to give the ISPs a fighting chance to identify senders and use reputation data to make delivery decisions. However, an incorrect record can do much more damage than not having one. Consider that authentication identifies where the message is coming from. When you fail the authentication check, you've just told the ISP, "This email didn't come from me. So don't deliver it."

Email Reputation is key to email delivery at
Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL.

AOL, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail and the other major ISPs will be weighing all available information ' domain, IP, URL, and more before making a decision to deliver your email.

  • Microsoft relies heavily on VIP reputation and mailing history in order to determine whether you get it the in box, Junk folder or Trash.
  • Yahoo! relies heavily on Palmas VIP blacklists, DomainKeys and DKIM
  • AOL relies heavily on their own VIP address blacklists and DKIM

Message Systems' vice president of field operations, Barry Abel, advises that NOW is the time for email marketers to take a hard look at the effectiveness of their email delivery system and their relationship with ISPs.

"Deliver ability is vital to the overall success of an email campaign and the bottom line is bounced messages equate to lost revenue," said Abel. That's why having an email delivery system that consistently achieves high deliverability rates is so important to the bottom line."

It is a big bad email delivery world out there. ISPs and mailbox providers are on the defensive and I will go far as to say 'guilty until proven innocent' does not apply to email delivery. It can cause the best marketing team to run for cover.

Yet none of this means marketers should abandon e-mail as a primary marketing source. Indeed, it should be, for many marketers, front and center. The key is in fully understanding e-mail, from the inside out and I can help you with this.

I am really grateful to have found Chris' web site. Over the last 4 years, the sales from our opt in only newsletter have dropped by several hundred percent, almost entirely caused by false positives from spam filters. Until now, there has been no one out there to help legitimate businesses like myself who have been devastatingly harmed by these filters. We've already ran & implemented Chris' techniques to educate our customers on how to get us past their filters, & have received lots of helpful info.

Even when I found Chris' site through Google, I never expected a real person to take the time to answer my questions!! I look forward to learning as much as possible to save the business I've worked so hard to create.

Thanks Chris! - Geff Ratcheson - www.dandylionrecords.com

What? You say that you use AWeber so you don't worry about delivery?

What about:

  • Refer a Friend Scripts?
  • Wordpress blogs send emails for comments and update notifications?
  • Your Sales Confirmations sent via IPN scripts?
  • Your Download Confirmations sent via IPN scripts?

These all use email sent from your server!

Discover The Number One Thing
You Can Do Right Now
To Achieve Maximum Email Delivery

  • Why are the ISPs Filtering based on the Reputation of your Sending IP address?
  • Is your Email Server is Misconfigured?
  • If your recipients don't expect to hear from you what happens?
  • What happens if you don't have the proper authentication protocols in place?

Then you are being filtered and don't even know it

"Yahoo filtering has been so frustrating to me that I wrote a blog post about it on my site. Chris Lang found the post and offered to help. Chris helped by guiding me with a series of questions until we figured out that I had some bad domain keys."
Problem solved - RentVine.com

Money on the table
is what you leave behind...

  1. A company that sends 500,000 emails as part of a targeted marketing campaign.
  2. Past campaign performance indicates that 100 of every 1,000 mail messages delivered to customer inboxes are opened
  3. Of These, three people purchase products at an average transaction value of $25.
  4. the retailer can expect the campaign to generate $375,000 in revenue if all 500,000 messages are received.
  5. However, if the deliverability rate slips to 80%, 100,000 messages are undelivered, costing the retailer $75,000 in lost revenue.
  6. In this case, every one percent of increased deliverability produces $3,750 in additional revenue
  7. Repeat this process on a wider scale over a year and the revenue loss is staggering.

source: Return Path

Here is just some of what you will learn about email delivery...

  How to properly set up SPF, SenderID, DomainKeys and DKIM.

  How to get whitelisted at AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and Hotmail.

  What are FeedBack Loops and What Do They Means to You.

  Your Email Reputation in 2012 and what it Means to Your Email Delivery.

  Do you really need a dedicated server and extacly why?

  What to do if you are blocked by SpamCop, Spamhaus of any of the ISPs.

  The Truth About How To Increase Email Delivery.

  How to contact Blocking ISPs and What You Will NEED when You do call.

Chris Lang has given us technical consultations numerous times helping our company get through the toughest email delivery problems. His knowledge and advice are invaluable in this age of spam and junk email filters and we highly recommend him as a source for coping with this new epidemic. He provides the best tools, services and resources for email deliverability, hands down, and you won't find anyone more helpful or generous (we've looked).

Thank you Chris for your incredible services. - Ron Holt Capstone Services, Inc.

Introducing "Get It To The Inbox"!
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I just wanted to get in touch with you and tell you that your new ebook, "Get It To The Inbox" is nothing short of amazing!

I haven't even finished reading it yet, and already it is by far the best ebook on email delivery I have ever seen!

Anyone who is serious about their email marketing efforts MUST grab this information.

Thank you for writing such an informative guide."

Michael D Price -- http://WhitelistWiz.Com

Here is what you get...

    "Get It To The Inbox"   PDF - 130 pages - The insider knowledge that took me 12 years online to learn the hard way.

  All my best email delivery secrets that will get your emails to the inbox everytime and make you more money.

  How to protect yourself from over 20 different content filters (like Trend Micro above) that will block your website and emails for no reason. This alone is worth $1000.00's and has never before been revealed by anyone but me.

  My   Ultimate WordPress Security Report   - PDF - 75 pages - A $50 real world value, not available anywhere, written by me, Chris Lang.

    Hosting Security Leaks Exposed   - I interview a major hosting server admin, that tells us if webhosts are really secure and safe. He even exposes what really went on in 2010, when millions of WordPress blogs were hacked. One of my real world friends tells us the truth, this is such sensative information he has to remain nameless, he would lose his security expert job if they knew he talked!

  Lifetime updates and support! I have updated this report each year since I wrote v1.0 in 2007. This is my fourth edition v4.0, and completely updated for 2012. You get direct support from me Chris Lang, and updates for life...

With my 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
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Yeah, that's right, it's not easy to get your email delivery pieces in the right place. That's why I give you 30 days, an entire month, to use this book. Get all the pieces in place and if what you have learned did not double your email delivery and make you 10 times what you paid for the book then return it, no questions asked.

Tomorrow can only be better if today you act today...

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Keep This Quiet Though...
Not Everyone Deserves To Be A Jedi Like You

May the sales force be with you,

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