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Email Delivery Jedi Master - Chris Lang

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For those of you who don't know me, I am Chris Lang. As the CTO and co-founder of, a brand new email platform launching this year- I don't just talk about email and the Inbox, I send it there too! I eat, sleep, dream and Live- email deliverability 24 hours a day.

Enough about me, let's talk about why you are here...

You are about face a brand new set of challenges when it comes to making money online and getting your email delivered. Especially to Gmail; the #1 Inbox today.

Desperate marketers right now are praying not that their email gets delivered, but that it does not go to the Gmail Promotions tab.

But now just when we think it could not get worse, the machines are about to begin pulling the trigger on our emails all over again, just like they did when spam filters first started shooting us down on the way to the Inbox in 2004.

Because in 2016 the Internet you know is going to disappear and be replaced with new algorithmic artificially intelligent machines.

In the last 17 years that I have been making my living online, there have been three major changes in how we all do business here: First god awful spam filters in 2004, then the rise of social sites in 2007 and now big a new third change is coming.

I am here to tell you about this drastic new change to your Internet today.

Game changers have always impacted businesses heavily because let's face it--
When the Internet changes fast you lose money --Even Faster! Then after you learn to make the best of it and go "All in" they move the cheese and again you lose money...

Now Pay Close Attention
Because I Am Going To Teach You
3 Very Important Lessons
Right Here On This Page - Right Now

Lesson #1

The Difference Between Email Delivery And Email Deliverability

Email Delivery is what your autoresponder does for you. They do their best to get your email delivered to the Inbox.

Email Delivery is based on many things like:

That is why you pay an Autoresponder to send your email; Give you the best chance to get to the Inbox and they do their job well!

So What is Email Deliverability then- you ask?

Email Deliverability simply put is 101 things you can do to get your email delivered to the Inbox in every email you write!

Now this site is named "Email Delivery Jedi" but that is because when I began writing about delivery in 2008, "Deliverability" did not exist yet. Really the only thing we had to worry about then was spam keywords.

So today what I teach is Delivery + Deliverability which = Delivery-Ability

Read on mate, I have a boatload of eye openers waiting for you below...

Lesson #2

Up To 80% Of Your Emails Are Being Read In Gmail

So in 2016 and beyond a strong Gmail strategy and a wealth of personal knowlegde is key to making more money online!

Lesson #3

Whether Or Not Your Emails Are In The Gmail Promotions Tab Is Up To You

Here is just a sample from the members area on the Gmail promotions tab!

#10 – You Don’t Believe “They Are Just Not That Into You!”

#9 – Only Mail Your List When You Are Promoting Something

#8 – Mobilegeddon And Your Email Delivery

#7 – You Use Your Business Name As Your From Address Text

#6 – You Are Using Images To Poor Affect, Use Less

#5 – Your HTML Code Outnumbers Your Text

#2 – You Use A Sig File And Link To All Your Social Profiles In Every Email?

#2 – One Link Please, And One Link Only!

#2 – You Don’t Offer Whitelisting Instructions

#1 – Use One From Address – One From Name Text – A Real One And Stick To It

That is Just 10 Of 30 Things
You Can Do To Get Out Of Promotions
You Get The What, Where, How And Why Too
When You Become An Email Delivery Jedi

First I want you to know that just because I see these senders in the Promotions tab, that does not mean it is a death sentence and that you will always be trapped among ads, pitch emails, and unwanted email like a spam folder...

Many marketers freak out at the sight of their emails in the promotions tab, and they are right to do so. They begin yelling that they are screwed or that Gmail has it in for email lists.

On a recent thread discussing the Promotions tab, one consultant to corporations claimed that "The Promotions tab was where emails that you unsubscribed to -but- mailers continued to send email to you, are housed."

All this is untrue.

Gmail is as I said in the opening of this alert to you, is algorithmic, dynamic, personalized and no longer based on static filters like a spam folder. Just because you are in Promotions today does not mean you can't be in the Primary Inbox tomorrow! You just need to change how you send email just a bit, and you will see the Primary tab far more often. It does not take much, just a slight adjustment and it works for anyone, whether you use AWeber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft or MailChimp!

Do you subscribe to Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula list? Jeff is always in my Primary Inbox. Ryan Deiss, that you see above in the Promotions tab is much more often seen in my Primary inbox. This is what led me to understand this and decode the secret for you.

Image of Felicia Slattery

Oh my goodness you made my life SO much easier!

I had been banging my head against my laptop trying to figure out why a simple "thank you for registering for my webinar" email was getting sent to the Gmail "promotions" tab in our tests. The spam rating was at 0 and I did everything I knew to do but still... it was getting stuck where people with Gmail would be less likely to see the message.

That's when Chris Lang came to the rescue! He asked me a few questions, made a suggestion about what could be the trigger, and when I made the quick change -BOOM! - just like that my email went right into the main inbox in our tests. Thank you, Chris! You just helped my messages get through to where I want them.

You are awesome!

Felicia Slattery -

When you become an Email Jedi now, I will show you exactly why you go to the promotions tab and how to highly lower the chance you will ever be in there again. And this has nothing to do with asking your subscribers to move your email to the primary inbox. Sure that works but what about the rest of your list that does not have time or care enough to read the instructions on the side of the box?

Lesson #4

Money On The Table Is What You Leave Behind...

  1. If an average every day emailer sends 5,000 emails as part of a targeted marketing campaign
  2. Past campaign performance indicates that 300 of every 1,000 mail messages delivered to customer inboxes are opened
  3. Of These, 10 people purchase products at an average transaction value of $97
  4. The marketer can expect the campaign to generate $970 in revenue if all 5000 messages are received
  5. However, if the deliverability rate slips to 80%, 1,000 messages are undelivered, costing this everyday marketer $194 in lost revenue
  6. Repeat this process on a wider scale over a year and the revenue loss is staggering where our little list owner now loses $10,088
  7. Translate that into a retailer with a list of 500,000 where 100,000 messages were undelivered, costing the retailer $75,000 in lost revenue
  8. In this case, every one percent of increased deliverability produces $3,750 in additional revenue

NOW is the time for email marketers to take a hard look at the effectiveness of their email delivery system and their relationship with ISPs.

Deliver-ability is vital to the overall success of an email campaign and the bottom line is that unseen email messages equate to lost revenue. That's why having an email delivery system that consistently achieves high deliverability rates is so important to the bottom line.

It is a big bad email delivery world out there. ISPs and mailbox providers are on the defensive and I will go far as to say you are "guilty until proven innocent?"

Yet none of this means you should abandon email as your primary marketing source. Indeed, it should be for just about any marketer --your front and center. The key is in fully understanding e-mail, from the inside out and I can help you with this.

Lesson #5

The Best Consultants Protect Their Clients...

You wouldn't go drive around town in a new car with no insurance, right?

You wouldn't depend on a business that anyone could walk right into -take everything you have- just help themselves and not even say thanks. Would you?

Do you know that right now hackers can... break the password on your blog? There is a guy in Russia, for $25 he will break any password there is. Then the dark side can just plain have their way with your website :|

Anyone can use one of 20 different content filtering systems to completely block your site and emails to your list :!

These are enterprise level online blocklists -not just a local spam filter- and when you get listed in these, the whole world blocks your site for no reason.

Then you go cry.

I bet you think this won't happen to you, don't ya?

I mean you are one of the good guys, you don't need to worry about this stuff, right again?

HELL NO that's not right, my 6 year old domain was blocked in 2008 and I lost everything. Just like that Internet Explorer, Trend Micro and just about every spam filter on Earth blocked me for no reason.

All because some kid with a free browser plugin flagged me as a "Bad Site"...

Really, and it still goes on today.

Can you believe that? I couldn't... So I got to the bottom of this for you and for me.

I found 20 content filtering systems that completely block your site. Things you would never think of like AVG Antivirus.

Anyone that knows about this can just type in your URL, click a button and POOF your site can't be visited in the browser and any emails with your URL in them won't get delivered.

Your competition could buy this info from me, and do god knows what. Believe me, it happens all the time.

But it's not just about these blacklists, it's about the fact that other systems like Internet Explorer's malicious site filter takes input from these 20 content blocklists and then uses that to block your site on every Microsoft machine in the entire world.

So all it takes is one kid, with a free security plug-in that does not like you and if you are NOT INSURED he can with a single click set about the process that will destroy everything you have.

  1. No one will tell you...
  2. No Corporation will send you an email...
  3. No salesman will call...

Your site just suddenly goes dead, traffic takes a long walk off a short pier, and well, you can guess the rest.

In 2008 I went from 8 visitors a day to 30,000 a month.

Worked like a dog to build that traffic too.

Then in one month I went from 30,000 visitors a month to less than 3,000, IN 2 Weeks!

All because some kid clicked a button and I wasn't Insured.

If this happens to you, you can call me like hundreds have since I learned what I am going to share with you today... And I can fix it :]

But just like bashed in cars, bashed in sites are expensive to fix when you don't have insurance...

Just a few weeks ago a shopping cart was blocked for no reason, but because they did not have insurance 1000s of mom and pop sites could not take any payments for weeks.

Trend Micro Security Is Just One Of 20 Security Vendors That Can Block Your Sites In Email AND In The Browser And Leave Your Business Mangled For Life If You Are Not INSURED

Pay attention and get this now or LOSE Big later

This Is What Your Buyers Will See When
You Are The Next To Be Blocked By Trend Micro

After 10 years of building my reputation online, this Trend Micro mistake (they call it a false positive, sorry) killed my business, reputation and traffic in just 2 months. Can you imagine how embarrassed I was?

Embarrassing It Must Be
When Your Emails Land
In Your Paying Client's Spam Folder Too...

Introducing Email Delivery Jedi
"Get It To The Inbox 2016"
Members Learning Center

Get It To The Inbox ebook cover

Over 400 Power Packed Pages Of Proven Strategies
To Double or Triple Your Email Delivery-Ability And Sales
All The While Protecting Your Websites From Mayhem!

Image of Chris Brewer

There are about three people that I would use the word "Genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals...

"In the internet marketing space there are many smart people. I've had the pleasure of working with and conversing with some of the greats in our industry. In all of my conversations and interactions there are about three people that I would use the word "genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals."

"Chris constantly astounds and amazes me with his insights and depth of technical understanding of email marketing and organic search optimization. I have recommended Chris to several A-listers in our industry and they've always thanked me for referring Chris."

Chris Brewer - DotComSecrets Local

Here Is What You Get

    "Get It To The Inbox"   Members Area Instant Access - 400 brand new pages for 2016 - 25 chapters constantly updated in a secure members area. The insider knowledge that took me 16 years online to learn the hard way.

    101 Point Checklist   Remember the headline at the top? - 101 Things You Can Do Today To Deliver More Email Tomorrow - Well I turned that into a 101 point checklist. Print it out. Check off the boxes. Complete your mission. And Get It To The Inbox faster than ever before!

  Webinars, Interviews and Podcasts All in one place Did you know the biggest names in marketing have interviewed Chris Lang? AWeber even interviewed me! Get the recordings with me being grilled by Mari Smith, Derek Gehl, Chris Mercer, many more and many more to come now!

    "The Holy Grail Of Email Delivery"   13 Things that every email needs to increase delivery in every email you send - Every email has 13 pieces that help get it delivered. They are all on you. Your Autoresponder is not going to do them for you. So you have to have this knowledge to do it yourself.

  My one of a kind secrets to avoid going to the Gmail Promotions tab even if you are using 3rd party email applications. I have identified the top 10 key steps to avoiding the Promotions tab, and for the first time ever I am going to share these money making, email attention getting gems with you!.

    "20 More Gmail Promotions Tabs Mistakes"   You may have already seen my Top 10 Ways To Avoid The Gmail Promotions tab right? On Russell Brunson's Click Funnels blog? You Get 20 More that I never told anyone about.

    "How To Re-Engage Dead Gmail Subscribers"   Two real world case studies that show you how a Mommy blogger and a hard core Internet Marketer Got out of Gmail Spam and the Gmail Promotions tab with one single simple email...

    "Why Your Site Is Guilty Of Spam by Association"   Yep, you are a spammer! At least that is what every spam filter thinks... Unless you know how to check for this-

    "Which Black Lists Matter and Why"   Bet you heard of blacklists, blocklists, URL filters, and I even bet you are on some? But do you know which ones matter and why? Wonder no more, I will tell you.

    "Can I really lose my Domain for one bad email?"   Yep, it was true in 2003 and it's still true in 2016. To protect yourself you only need to know one thing- We all have it, we discard it wantonly and soon you will know why you need it and how to hang onto it.

    "13 Software Vendors Can Block Your Site"   Find out who they are, why they want to block you and how to avoid them before they do.

    "The Biggest Email Formatting Mistake"   that you are already making right now and how to never make it again and avoid being labeled as a phishing email.

  Why even,, and more link shorteners are blocked by spam filters, now to build your own and how to tell if yours is already blocked.

  How to protect yourself from 20 content filters (like Trend Micro above) that will block your website and emails for no reason. This alone is worth $1000.00's and has never before been revealed by anyone but me.

  How to properly set up SPF and DKIM: When you need it, when you don't and why!

  How to get whitelisted at AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

  What are FeedBack Loops and What Do They Mean to You.

    "Don't Understand that jargon above?"   You get my complete Glossary of Email Delivery Terms that you can refer to at any time.

  How Gmail is determining your email reputation in 2016, how you are damaging it daily and what it Means to Your Email Delivery more than ever in 2017.

    What to do if you are blocked by SpamCop, Spamhaus, Barracuda Networks, LinkSys Routers, or any of the ISPs.

  5 Big Tactics to getting noticed in the brand new Inbox by Google.

  The biggest secret to making more money from a small list and why what you have been told is wrong!

    "How To Detect IF You Are Being Hacked"   Hacked WordPress installs are the biggest reason you get blocked, filtered and sent to spam. There are tons of plugins that say they will keep you secure. But spammers hack your server totally differently than WordPress hackers do. Discover how to detect hacking before it impacts your list.

    "Stop wasting time"   constantly checking blacklists and monitor all your Domains, sites, services and IP addresses 24 hours a day for free!

    "That is just a taste"   and those are chapters right out of the members learning center. So what are you waiting for mate? I can't do this all day and nether can you. So let's get going now and Get It To The Inbox with instant access just 60 seconds away!

Unbelievable New Bonus

Lifetime updates and support! I have updated this report each year since I wrote v1.0 in 2007. This is my eighth edition v8.0, and completely updated for 2016. You get direct support from me Chris Lang, and updates for life...

With my 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction
Guarantee You have Nothing to Lose

Yeah, that's right, it's not easy to get your email delivery pieces in the right place. That's why I give you 30 days, an entire month, to use this learning center. Connect all the puzzle pieces and if what you have learned did not double your email delivery and make you 10 times what you paid...

-- Then return it, no questions asked.

Tomorrow Can Only Be Better If
You Act Today...

Only $300.00 Wait! Now Just $197
Keep This Quiet Though...
Not Everyone Deserves To Be A Jedi Like You

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You Better Call Lang!

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Ask about my Full Email Deliverability Analysis

May the sales force be with you,

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PS- Get your email insurance here now, Mayhem is waiting just around the corner if you don't take action now!

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